Fortune Cookies & the Bible

by | Oct 30, 2020

When our kids were smaller we used to have a routine we would play out every time we would go to a Chinese Restaurant. When the meal was done, everyone had to take their Fortune Cookie, read it out loud and then find a Bible verse to either defeat or support it!

The kids found this to be a fun Bible quizzing adventure. Now the the kids are grown and out of the house, my wife and I still engage in this practice. If any other family is there, or eve friends for that matter, we participate in our ritual.

Some have asked why we do this, some have tried to not participate and some have been mildly offended over the years. While many people have said “oh, I am no good at Bible memorization” or “I don’t know the Bible that well” we still encourage them to take part. If nothing else, my wife and I will come up with a couple of verses go give some encouragement.

Recently my wife asked why I thought this was important and why I keep doing it so long after the kids were gone. I told her that we have to keep the Scriptures “top of mind” and this was one of the ways to incorporate them into daily routine. We have enough people in the Church today who do very little Bible reading, let alone Bible Study. Any way I can encourage someone to recite or engage with or in some other way think about the Bible the better!

After all, how many of us read good books or articles (especially on the Internet, where EVERYTHING is true!) and do not keep the Scriptures at least mentally handy? Just like there are filters we use every day in our brains (don’t look at inappropriate material, view materials or opinions through our worldview (political, religious, moral, decency, etc.) every day and don’t even think about it. How much more should we be running these things through Scripture!

This is made worse when we don’t have the Word of God in our hearts! If we are not reading, meditating on or studying the Bible how do I know what it says and how do I know when something is in opposition to or not in agreement with it?

The biggest phrase I use when it come to things concerning the Bible and how we engage with it is “Defend it!”. Why do you hold to that belief or opinion? Can you defend it? What about that latest teaching or statement made by a religious spokesperson or public figure or entertainer? Do you agree or disagree? Can you defend it?
What about that Fortune Cookie in front of you. Can you defeat or defend it? Give me a verse!! It’s fun!


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