About Michael & Jenine

Michael & Jenine Andersen

Rev Michael & Jenine Andersen have worked in ministry both full-time and part-time for 20 years. Their experience ranges from pastoral ministry, children’s and youth ministry, church prayer team development, independent prayer groups and the development of ministerial associations and fellowship/accountability groups.


Michael has a passion to help pastors and leaders to develop their personal prayer and devotional lives. One of Michael’s StrengthFinders™ strengths is Developer. Michael describes it this way: “Some people enjoy taking people from a 30% level to 70% level in their abilities and strengths. This drives me crazy. Give me the one who is at 90% and wants to get to 95%! This is what drives me! This is what excites me! This is what I live for!”


Jenine is an intercessor. She is a 4th generation intercessor. Her passion and lifeblood is prayer and intimacy with the Lord. Helping and mentoring others to develop their prayer life is at her core. People need to be in deep connection with the Lord to fulfill who they were truly created to be.